About Our Non-Profit


More Than A Sport is a non-profit organization that focuses on player development for all athletes. Through education and community outreach, our goal is to create a path that will equip our youth with the skills necessary for them to be successful on and off the playing field.


More Than A Sport was founded in 2014 by Raheem Orr Sr. and Michael Jemison, two former collegiate and professional athletes who endured hard times growing up in the inner cities of Elizabeth, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Orr stated, “Those hard times are everything but behind us and we as an organization will address these issues. Our youth are troubled with daily peer pressure such as gangs, violence, drugs, sex & teen pregnancy. Educationally, students in certain demographic areas are deprived of a quality education.” Year after year you hear or read about terrific athlete(s) who are great in their respected sport but struggle in the classroom. In efforts to address a problem that millions of student athlete face on a daily basis, More Than A Sport was created.

We will work with the youth teaching them all the essential life skills they will need to be competitive in the classroom and on the athletic field. We partnered up with STEM RISING, who offers a fun and exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program in the Philadelphia region. We noticed that opportunities to improve athletically in certain areas was limited, too costly or non existing overall. One of our goals is to purchase a facility and furnish it with all the equipment we need to train our athletes. It will also include a classroom/computer lab space to hold tutoring sessions, S.A.T./A.C.T. prep courses, meetings, seminars, etc. We are a non-profit organization, but to effectively fund the program and ensure there are multiple source of income, MORE THAN A SPORT is actively seeking sponsorships, grants, and donations.

Support this organization as we strive to change the minds and decision making academically and athletically in our youth…



                     “TRUST THE PROCESS”

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