We offer expertise in the following fields:

  • Personal Training – All of our instructors are certified personal trainers through the American Aerobic Association International and Internal Sports Medicine Association or AAAI/ISMA Fitness. We focus on target areas of interest as well as train clients who simply want to get into shape. We strive to help our athletes improve in various areas.
  • Sports Training – As former collegiate and professional athletes, we understand in order for one to become successful, you must be a student of the game. This means to have a strong work ethic and the drive to train and eat healthy.
  • Motivational Speaking – We are focused on encouraging athletes from all over. Our goal is to keep them motivated to reach all of their personal goals and more.
  • Nutrition – Staying healthy is a very important part of training and we are able to teach our participants how to eat healthy while training.
  • Mentoring & Tutoring – A very important aspect of our program is keeping our athletes academically strong. We are able to offer help with their studies and continuously promote a strong education.
  • Seminars – Our seminars will teach you about athletic training and give you great tips and exercises that you can do on your own.

We offer a variety of sports camps. We focus our camps on teaching fundamental techniques such as stances, start and finishing postures. Our team emphasizes the importance of having great technique and the advantages it gives one over their competition. We offer fun and competitive skill challenges during our camps to create an intense environment pushing athletes to challenge themselves. Here are some of our most popular camps.

Football Camp looks to accomplish the following:

  • Enhancing the basic skills of running, throwing, catching, & blocking
  • Defensive strategies
  • Learning to explode out of your stance
  • Skill development

Basketball Camp will focus on:

  • Conditioning
  • Ball handling
  • Defense (stance & good position)
  • Foot work
  • Redoundin
  • Shooting and overall skill development

Baseball camp will focus on:

  • Individual swing
  • Catching
  • Stance
  • Base running
  • Throwing & fielding the ball.

We strive to provide positive reinforcement & encouragement during all of our available services. Those are key traits that we believe are an essential part of instructing & teaching impressionable minds.


Below are a couple of our student athletes who are performing some strength training exercises. For more videos, check out our YouTube channel by clicking here.